Taiwan's most popular CD industry vigorously enter

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Taiwan's optical disc industry vigorously enters the mainland market

Taiwan's optical disc industry vigorously enters the mainland market

December 5, 2003 reading volume: Source: unknown | spring tension compression fatigue testing machine adopts horizontal double position draft

Taiwan manufacturers with the most concentrated CD-R production in the world are accelerating the layout of factories in the mainland. At present, dozens of factories

businessmen have submitted factory construction applications to the relevant departments in the mainland, It is expected that dozens of CD

- R production lines invested by Taiwan businessmen will start construction in the Yangtze River Delta in the near future

at present, China has become a global optical disc manufacturing center, attracting many multinational companies in the industry. Mr. Wu Jiaming, Secretary General of the "China

CD Working Committee" in Taiwan, once said that after the mainland opened up to CD-R investment, dozens of Taiwan

manufacturers immediately submitted investment applications. Recently, dozens of Taiwan invested

CD-R production lines will start in Nantong, Shanghai, Kunshan, Ningbo and other places, and many other Taiwan CD-R manufacturers also intend to actively enter the mainland market

according to China's epoxy resin industry (), in the latest edition of the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries issued by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation in April 2002, foreign CD-R disc investment has officially changed from restricted investment to encouraged investment. As a result, a number of Taiwan optical disc manufacturers have applied to the relevant departments of the large foam granulator for the establishment of factories in order to grasp this development opportunity

the demand for copper in new energy vehicles increases.

making compact discs is an important consumption direction of polycarbonate grade bisphenol A. the vigorous March of Taiwan's compact disc industry will bring considerable market support to the rapid development of

bisphenol A

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