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Taiwan's TVBS conducted an in-depth interview with Yihang egret: it has both performances and operations, and there are many applications of UAV formation

as China's intelligent technology plays a core role on the international stage, its influence has become increasingly strong, attracting multiple media reports. Recently, a TV program from Taiwan's TVBS, "China progressive", gave an in-depth report on the application of Guangdong Yihang egret Media Technology Co., Ltd. in unmanned aerial vehicles

China progressive is a program in Taiwan, China province of China that provides in-depth coverage of Chinese Mainland, mainly introducing current affairs, natural scenery, local customs, etc. in Chinese Mainland. For the first time, Yihang egret surprised its eyeballs with a formation flying performance for the opening of the Kunlun decision in Zhangqiu, Shandong Province in September this year

the night sky was decorated with light and shadow, and the UAV formation performed. The so-called paper tensile strength refers to the maximum tension that a unit width of paper or paperboard can bear before it breaks. The 600 UAVs with colorful LED lights lit up the night, awakening thousands of people on the scene looking forward to the eyes of the audience. This UAV formation flying performance innovatively adopts the form of symmetrical animation. Two powerful boxers move slowly and gather their strength to fight! A thump!! It's refreshing. The cross-border combination of international sports IP and international top UAV airspace landscaping media not only further established the status of sports IP, but also improved the city's image with technology

the remote control technology of the satellite precise positioning fleet is classified

it takes a long time to prepare carefully before each performance, including the neat positioning of drones, checking the battery power, equipment health, etc. You are curious about how hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles are operated through a cloud system? The answer is here

it turns out that there will be several yellow signal poles in the UAV array, which are locators. A computer transmits the positioning point signal to the locator through the cloud system satellite, and then the locator sends the signal to each UAV, and the UAV can reach the specified position according to the instructions

detection and strike UAV group has high military value

UAV formation performance technology comes from military "swarm tactics", and the core technology is confidential, which can not only be used for formation performance, but also the competition of major military powers today. Nowadays, most military UAVs are also commercial parts, which greatly reduces the cost. From rescue to military, BBC believes that this is the future of UAVs! In China's plastic machinery market,

both performance and combat are available, and "UAV formation" is widely used.

now, the RTK differential positioning system used by Yihang egret for UAV formation performance can achieve centimeter level accurate positioning. Shizheyuan, chairman of Yihang Egret, applied this technology to civil UAVs, realized the first UAV formation performance in China, and became the world's first "airspace landscaping media", Focus on the innovation of performance content

the fleet combines art, and the creative director leads the performance

Zhang Qiu Kunlun Jue's performance is the first performance combined with music rhythm. The test and rehearsal time took 3 days, and each rehearsal is a "war" of self transcendence

song Zhenxian, creative director of Yihang egret UAV formation, is from Taiwan. He frankly said that the UAV performance in the sky is affected by wind speed and positioning, and it has to be fine tuned at any time. The number of people who buy slowly and bring their own shopping bags and baskets is significantly increased. Seconds or a second faster is not enough. The more defense lines to avoid problems, the better. Although unmanned aerial vehicles can be remotely controlled through IOT, no matter how many lines of defense, there will inevitably be unavoidable problems

overcome all kinds of difficulties, now, Yihang egret is the winner of the Guinness world record TM title of "the most UAVs fly at the same time" and "the most formation of UAVs in the same group continuously", and has the highest market share in the domestic UAV formation performance

science and technology dramas cross the border, and UAV groups appear in idol dramas

in addition to formation flying performances, Yihang egret also actively seeks more updated cooperation and display methods. The first UAV themed idol drama in China, "trees in the South", cooperates with Yihang, which meets the tastes of young people and gains a good reputation

there are many changes in UAVs. In the market, there is still a lot of room for development in the future, including logistics and manned aircraft. The international market research company predicts that the scale of the UAV industry is expected to reach 103.1 billion dollars in 2018, which will face huge opportunities for him. It will double to 218.4 billion dollars in 2021

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Sohu technology has become increasingly influential as China's intelligent technology plays a core role on the international stage, attracting multiple media reports. Recently, a TV program from Taiwan TVBS, "China progressive", introduced Guangdong Yihang egret media technology

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