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Taiwan's packaging restrictions have been questioned

Taiwan's environmental protection agency plans to limit the excessive packaging of candy, cakes, cosmetics, CDs, alcohol and other products from January 1, the fourth year of 2006. However, some details were questioned by some insiders and environmental protection groups

the new regulations to be implemented stipulate that the packaging of the above products shall not exceed 3 layers, and the space ratio of packaging shall not exceed 25%. The industry has doubts about the calculation method of packaging space ratio, and believes that recycling, unpacking and repacking the products that are packaged well and strive to practice the concept of responsible care will be more environmentally friendly. Some cosmetics manufacturers also worry that if the Environmental Protection Bureau unpacks and inspects the properties of originally imported cosmetics, these products will be sold with their own characteristics and applicable environment

many operators asked the EPA to follow the example of South Korea and set up a "packaging inspection center" to allow operators to send products for inspection before they are put on the market, so as to avoid heavy losses from being off the shelf or unsalable

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