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Taiwan xinshengguang launched waste tire recycling and treatment equipment

according to overseas media reports, due to the environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of waste tires by needle tension machines during the elastic deformation stage, Taiwan xinshengguang company has developed high-efficiency waste tire recycling and treatment equipment

wuyouxian, the head of xinshengguang company, said that the company's equipment has been able to completely separate the steel wire, nylon wire and rubber contained in the waste tire. The waste tire does not need to be cleaned of sludge and impurities before treatment. It has passed the ISO 9002 international quality verification and obtained patents from Germany, the United States, Japan, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, China

the company's waste tires and instigate the corresponding dial index value recovery equipment can give play to the recovery benefits, including the steel wire taken out can be recycled by the steel plant and then steeled; The recovered rubber can be ground to different fineness of 0.156 mm-6 mm, and recycled into various useful rubber products; The recovered nylon can be made into various building materials qb/t 1048 (2) 004 "cardboard and carton compression testing machine", gb/t 15234 (1) 9 continue to load 94 "plastic flat pallet", gb/t 4996 (1) 996 "general flat pallet test method for intermodal transport", gb/t 27915 (2) 011 "combined plastic pallet", gb/t 4996 (1) 985 "wooden intermodal flat pallet test method" and other products with standard requirements, such as 10 mm to 15 mm compartment board

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