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After decades of development, many printing enterprises are currently facing the problem of inheritance and succession. The dozen staff members on our booth are the second generation of printing enterprises in Taipei and their successors. On April 27th, 2013, the 8th Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition officially kicked off. Chen jinglang, chairman of the Taipei printing industry association and chairman of Guanglong Printing Factory Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the exhibition would ensure its practicality

and printable statements it is reported that at this exhibition, the delegation of the Taipei printing industry association was jointly participated by nearly ten printing enterprises from Taiwan in the name of the association. The booth will gather the advantages of various craft, and will fully display Taiwan's printing products and establish the image of the most professional all-round printing alliance with four blocks: packaging box design area, exquisite design and special processing area, environmental protection stone paper product area, and guild introduction area. From the introduction of President Chen jinglang, we learned that the participation of this association, from the initial scheme conception, theme planning, building creativity, to the later 42 ~ 86hr30n, which needs to adjust the belt tightness, overall arrangement and collaborative implementation, is completed by this India refresh force working together

2013 Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition is the first step for printing to expand international business in the new generation

in the three joint display units located at 3-e22, 24 and 26, we first noticed that the product line-up shelves, data distribution counters and other objects on their booths all use relatively light and environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard. The cardboard shape is simple and interesting. The overall color is mainly white, green, yellow and other bright colors, and the booth layout is attracting attention

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