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Western Australia plans to build the first pulp mill within five years. Western Australia may build the first pulp mill within five years. The plan is based on the conclusion of a joint study by Griffin company in Australia and a company from China. The plant is located near a 130 MW thermal power plant in the southwest of Western Australia near Collie, where the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry is increasing

zarut banner and Zhejiang Liancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. reached a resonance on the aluminum deep processing project and successfully signed the contract. The Western Australian government and relevant parties expressed support for the plan, believing that it is beneficial to the economic development of the southwest region and will increase employment opportunities

The person in charge of Griffin company believes that the location of the plant is close to the power plant, water source and woods, and workers can be found there. These are the key problems of the project. Using this kind of TPE material can not only greatly improve productivity. If the project is feasible, the plant will be built between 2007 and 2009

Minister Brown of the Development Department of the Western Australian government expressed support for the project. Both Minister Brown and the head of Griffin company believed that the blue gum Eucalyptus Forest in Western Australia could provide sufficient raw materials for the factory

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