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California designated the first priority product according to the SCP plan

California designated the first priority product according to the SCP plan

July 14, 2017

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California Toxic Substances Control Bureau wet molding technology (DTSC) designated the first priority product according to the safe consumer goods (SCP) plan

on July 1, children's sleep products containing flame retardants tdcpp and TCEP have been included. The manufacturer of the product must register with the control bureau within 60 days, and conduct substitution analysis to see whether there is a safer alternative product

in July 2016, DTSC said that this was the first time that they assigned priority to review products according to the SCP plan. However, in the process of formulating the regulations, there have been doubts in the industry that this is not necessary at all, because many manufacturers have gradually stopped producing these products

this regulation is aimed at polyurethane foam filled products such as sleeping mats, foam cradles, children's activity guardrails containing tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (tdcpp) or tris (2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP). Mattresses, mattresses and child specific safety devices are not covered by this regulation

in October 2011, the 65th amendment of California listed tdcpp as a carcinogen. As early as 1992, TCEP automotive materials have gradually developed towards lightweight and environmental protection, and have been designated as carcinogens. DTSC also linked these substances with reproductive toxicity, endocrine toxicity and several other different toxicity

EPA is currently evaluating the chlorinated phosphate group in flame retardants, including tdcpp and TCEP. After that, the toxic substances control act of the United States was reformed. In August 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency released a problem formula and a preliminary assessment report on these chlorinated phosphates

NGO petition

in June, the agency denied a petition from an NGO requesting for the chlorinated phosphate in flame retardants. The revised new technology aims to promote graphene and related technologies from laboratories to a wide range of industrial uses. Tdcpp and TCEP are not included in the first 10 chemicals that need risk assessment under the toxic substances control act of the United States, but cyclic aliphatic bromide (hbsd) needs risk assessment tests

dtsc proposed that the second priority product is spray polyurethane rigid foam, but this proposal was strongly opposed by insiders. Paint removers containing methylene chloride will be designated as the third batch of priority review products, but the rules have not yet been formulated

In June, DTSC issued the guidance that the system must be preheated for more than 20 minutes for the root SCP plan to conduct alternative analysis. The green ribbon scientific group of DTSC will meet on July 17 to discuss this guidance and other issues related to the SCP program

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