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Jinyin Island chemical warehouse receipt comment on November 24

Jinyin Island warehouse receipt report: the main methanol warehouse receipt in March opened slightly lower at 2400, sorted out slightly at the beginning of the session, and increased rapidly after 10 o'clock, with the highest trial of 2465; In the afternoon, it fell back and closed at 2416. The settlement price was 2421, up 26 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The trading volume decreased slightly, and the order volume continued to increase to 10339 batches

1. External quotation: mixed

CFR China in Asia closed at (↑ 1) US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia closed at US dollars/ton, and FOB Rotterdam in Europe closed at 200 5 euros/ton, and the spot price in the US Gulf is 104 (↓ 1.50) -105 (↓ 1.50) cents/gallon

2. Domestic spot market: continue to rise generally

as of press release, the mainstream price in East China is 2280 (↑ 60) -2320 (↑ 20) yuan/ton, the mainstream price in South China is 2280 (↑ 50) -2300 (↑ 50), the mainstream price in North China is 1850 (↑ 30) -2100 (↑ 20) yuan/ton, and the mainstream price in Shandong is 2100 (↑ 20) -2150 (↑ 30) yuan/ton

3. Downstream dynamics: dimethyl ether has gradually stabilized, and acetic acid has increased steadily.

dimethyl ether: Lutianhua's quotation of dimethyl ether today has stabilized by 4000 yuan/ton. It is reported that at present, due to its large amount of usage, the remaining thousands of tons of inventory are still widely sold, and the date of commencement of the unit has not been determined, and the transaction is still accompanied by concessions. Today, the price of dimethyl ether in Hebei Jinyuan is stable at 3500 yuan/ton, and the transaction is preferential. It is reported that the mainstream transaction in the region is about 3100 yuan/ton. The quotation of Zhangjiagang Xinneng dimethyl ether continued to fall today, with a range of 50 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction in the region was about 3700 yuan/ton, with large discounts. Advanced chip integration technology, professionally designed data collection and amplification system

acetic acid: the market quotation of acetic acid in Jiangsu follows the factory price upward, and the mainstream negotiation is that the cross-section experiment of 28 multi limb chain should be carried out near yuan/ton, and the trading atmosphere is acceptable. The quotation of acetic acid in South China continued to rise, and the mainstream negotiation price was around yuan/ton. There was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and there was not much trading

4. Analysis of warehouse receipt trend: Rise and fall. The advantage of closing it is that it has a simple structure, and the market fell slightly

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