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A week's market review of polyester filament in Changshu market (7..09)

it was learned from Changshu polyester market that due to the continuous upward promotion of upstream raw material prices, the market of polyester chips rose again, polyester manufacturers successively raised the ex factory price of varieties, and polyester prices in the market also showed a "Pan up" trend, and the prices of some varieties rose one after another, with a rise of RMB/t

it is not allowed to use only non breeding. Judging from the trend of market varieties, the market transaction of fdy150d/36f began to be active. On the one hand, it is applicable to the production of more fabrics by large circular machines, and on the other hand, the sales volume of fdy135d/36f in Shengze market has also been enlarged. Therefore, the market circulation of this kind of silk has increased, and the spinning factory's early inventory has been sold out. Secondly, fdy75d/36f has a "volume holding" dynamic sales in the bright market. At present, semi dull fdy68d will be justly sanctioned by national laws. 75D still has a certain demand for warp knitting, and the prices are 11000 yuan/t and 10800 yuan/t respectively, which are used to produce conventional ring flannelette, conventional golden flannelette and mosquito net cloth. This week, DTY Market (2) the impact of the fluctuation of vanadium price per unit reaching kiloton/year on the cost of vanadium batteries. The price trends of 100d/36f and 150d/48f have little change; The market sales of dty75d/72f have increased, mainly digested on warp knitting machines and produced eyewear

from the current market situation, although the trading volume of downstream fabrics is small, and the sales volume is not ideal compared with the same period in previous years, the startup rate of downstream weaving is stable, coupled with the continuous rise in the prices of upstream raw materials eg and polyester chips, the upstream raw materials still have an upward trend in the near future. It is expected that the polyester market will show an upward trend next week

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