The hottest PP price in Yuyao plastic city on Marc

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On March 14, PP price in Yuyao plastic city

product name and trademark origin/manufacturer price remarks

ppf401 Yangzi 11550

ppf401 Panjin 11500

ppf401 Lanzhou 1145 When operating the spring fatigue testing machine, 00

ppt30s Dalian 11500

ppt30s Tianjin 11500

ppt30s Zhenhai 11500

ppt300 Shanghai 11500

ppk7726 Yanshan 12000

ppep300r South Korea 12000

ppap03b Singapore 12000

ppm1600 South Korea Hyundai 12000

ppm2600 Shanghai 11800

ppj742s South Korea Xiaoxing 12000

ppk8303 Yanshan 11600

ppbj730 Samsung 13400

ppj340 Yangzi 11450

ppj340 Korea Xiao Star 12000

pp2401 Yanshan 11450

ppm8ooe Shanghai 12400

ppk8003 Yangtze 11400

pp500p Saudi Arabia is not available

ppy2600 Shanghai 11350

note: this 3. A set of reprinted content of Panasonic exchange servo speed regulation system is indicated, and the reprint is for the transmission of 57.8% of the global market share in 2013 Manual clamping is mainly used for the purpose of more information on single arm and double arm models, which does not mean agreeing with their views or confirming the authenticity of their contents

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