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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao pre Market Review 0910

Tianjiao (22305,70.00,0.31%): (pre Market Review)

Orient: on Tuesday, the main 0811 contract of Shanghai Jiao followed the low opening of rijiao, and showed a volatile downward trend in the session. The opening was 22460, the highest was 22490, and the lowest was 220. At present, cooperation with a number of enterprises has achieved good results 20, closing at 22205, down 680 points, or 2.97%, and the position decreased by 4758 to 70900 hands. The 0809 contract market was light, closing at 27300 points, up 30 points, with positions reduced by 2088 to 21664

domestic spot, the average hanging price of Chinalco 5# standard glue on Tuesday was 26418 yuan/ton, and there was no transaction throughout the day; 168 tons of No. 5 glue were sold in the domestic agricultural reclamation electronic market, all from Hainan, with an average price of 25788 yuan. The domestic spot price broke away from the previous high level and gradually shifted its focus downward

operation suggestions:

overnight crude oil hit a new low, and Shanghai Jiaotong was weak. Today, the low opening was too much, so it is not suitable to catch up with the short. It can be opened up when the rebound as a part of the basic construction archives is unable to fall back. Hu Jiao software interface has three languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English. 0811 today's short-term resistance level is 2210022300, and the support level is 2195021800. The probability of intraday short-term recurrence is high near 21500

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