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East China Sea Futures: Tianjiao pre Market Review 1213

East: on Wednesday, Shanghai Jiao fell violently due to the sharp fall of Shanghai copper, and the transaction shrank. Most investors took a wait-and-see attitude, or most short-term traders. At present, rubber (22680190,0.84%, stock bar) is in the rising channel, and the support level is 22200. It is recommended to hold more than one

limitless: as of December 12, the position status of Tokyo rubber market, the net position rate of the top three main bulls was 22.97%, and the top three main players was 1 The net short position in the travel range of the experimental machine only has a sensor replacement rate of 24.13%, with 32630 positions

Tokyo rubber futures closed slightly lower on Wednesday, with sluggish market trading, range volatility, and market scarcity. A large proportion of new information is fundamental news caused by fatigue failure of parts. Tokyo traders said that due to the strong yen, TOCOM rubber opened lower, although the news that rainfall in the main rubber producing country hindered rubber tapping triggered moderate buying interest. "The fundamentals are slightly firm, supported by rainfall and the continuous rise in the price of raw rubber, but the market needs new positive news to trigger strong buying interest. If there is no new fundamental news, it is expected that the market will hover around the current level in the next few days."

Shanghai Rubber fell, with short-term support of 22300 in March, and it is suggested to focus on the short-term in the day

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