The hottest PP price soared, and downstream enterp

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PP prices soared, and downstream enterprises were unprepared.

this month, the polypropylene market was driven by the rise in petrochemical ex factory prices, and the market continued to rise. Yuyao T30S rose from 10650 yuan/ton to 10800 yuan/ton, an increase of more than 100 yuan in just a few days, and the market trading atmosphere rebounded. As the current economic situation at home and abroad is full of variables, the international oil price of China and the provision of useful resources has fluctuated downward, the industry is generally cautious about the future market, and businesses take the opportunity to lock up shipments. Downstream factories are very repellent to the current rise. Their own products have low profits, insufficient orders and serious inventory backlog. Due to the difficulty of product price rise, the slightly higher raw material price directly affects the enthusiasm of factory production. The market continued to be depressed in August, and the price continued to rise. The following two words are explained. Refreshing the low price made the factory have no intention to stock goods, and continued to use and purchase as needed to meet the basic production. Therefore, this price rise stimulated the sensitive nerves of the downstream

the person in charge of the implementation of standard parameters of a large chemical fiber rope geotextile testing machine in Binzhou, Shandong Province said that they use drawing tons every day. Because the price of coal olefins is usually lower than that of T30S by yuan/ton, on the premise of not affecting the product quality, manufacturers have been using Datang and Baotou l5e89. Because Shenhua Baotou has been overhauled for a month this month, and there is no stock in the early stage, the consumption is generally purchased for up to days, so this rise has a great impact on them. At present, product sales have been very difficult, and if the price increases, it will affect the receiving volume of customers. Therefore, they said that we Jinan assaying professional production experimental machine for so many years that they did not dare to raise the price rashly for the time being. Although the polypropylene industry is in the buyer's market at present, they have more choices, but due to their large consumption and slow response to market changes, timely and accurate information is still very important to them

at present, polypropylene is expanding rapidly, while the growth rate of demand cannot keep up with the growth rate of production capacity, and the problem of asymmetric supply and demand continues to intensify, which leads to more intense competition in the polypropylene industry, and a major reshuffle of the industry is inevitable in the future. For downstream enterprises, more diversified choices and stronger pricing voice mean increased risks. Under the background of domestic economic transformation and structural adjustment, the downstream of polypropylene faces the same problem. The continuous decline of raw material prices is conducive to cost savings for factories, but at the same time, the decline of product sales prices offsets the cost advantage. Once the raw material price hits the bottom and rebounds, it is an unbearable weight for downstream enterprises whose profits are shrinking. Therefore, there is no complete egg under the pouring nest? The polypropylene industry is undergoing unprecedented tests, and how to improve their competitiveness in the fierce competition and become the leader of the industry will be a problem that every participant needs to think about

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