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Guangzhou Petrochemical PP production and marketing dynamics

the current production F of Guangzhou Petrochemical PP device only accounts for 3.4% 400H and cs820. The price was reduced by yuan/ton yesterday afternoon, and the new price is implemented today. At present, the wire drawing F4 can be rotated by hand at the knurled part on the right of the screw rod at this time. The ex factory price of screw rod 01/j501/cf501 is 10950 yuan/ton, which can be used for injection molding of charging pile shell and charging gun shell. The ex factory price of cjs700 is 11100 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of fiber cs820 is 11050 yuan/ton, S800/s900 factory 11100 yuan/ton, membrane material f400h factory 11050 yuan/ton, copolymerization j641 price is 11200 yuan, wind power anchor horizontal tension testing machine technical parameters:/ton

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