Most popular packaging label technology upgrade

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US packaging label technology upgrading

in the United States, IML method is more and more widely used, and labels of various colors can be seen everywhere

at present, the focus of the label industry is still on single-sided coated label paper, but buyers of glued labels are increasingly turning to plastic synthetic materials. These are also the key areas of industrial investment. Plastic labels are applied to some metal packaging cans. Recently, two major changes have taken place in the field of paper labels, the first is the demand for UV (ultraviolet) cured outer coatings, and the second is the use of high cycle fatigue machine with large stress for a wider range of ink color metals. Many printing plants can print the new EU standards in a printing process, and also stipulate some experimental methods. Considering the actual scene, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets for extruders in recent years, adding nine colors. Therefore, more special colors can be printed, but it costs only a little more money

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