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Seven reasons to participate in "2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition"

as the first Lihua international color box exhibition with "color box" as the exhibition theme in China, it has been committed to cultivating and protecting the development of China's color box printing and packaging industry. "2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 21 to 23 this year. As soon as the exhibition recruitment work began, it received the attention and support of professionals from all walks of life in the box industry. Many well-known enterprises in the box manufacturing industry participated in the exhibition one after another, making the "2007 Lihua international box Exhibition", the big stage of the box, even brighter

seven reasons to participate in "2007 Lihua international box Exhibition":

professional industry event

"box" is the only theme of "2007 Lihua international box Exhibition", which does not involve any other fields. All exhibits, activities and forums are closely centered on the theme of "box" processing and manufacturing

go deep into the industry supply chain

"2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" through the whole color box industry supply chain from bottom to top, guided by the downstream end-user demand of color box, affects the midstream purchase decision, so as to promote upstream suppliers and lead the development of color box industry

cover the whole color box collar 1. Graphene domain

"2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" covers four categories: folding carton, hard box, plastic box and cigarette label, and provides a complete set of solutions for each sub industry, from processing equipment and consumables exhibition to technical guidance, and then to market guidance, striving to comprehensively cover all products in the whole color box processing field

unique time and region

"2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" is the only large-scale professional exhibition in the field of printing and packaging in China in the second half of 2007, which can well cooperate with your time and regional planning of participating in 2007

high end domestic audience

color box is a highly profitable industry in the whole printing and packaging industry. "2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" will undoubtedly let you see this part of high-end customer group. From six months before the exhibition, Huayin media group will specially do the pre registration of microcomputer controlled material testing machines for this exhibition, which are mainly used for the stretching, tightening, twists and turns of metal, non-metal and other materials, and the number of color box factories covered will reach 20000. Through one-on-one direct invitation, we will make the scope of pre registration the most detailed in terms of breadth and depth

efficient overseas audience

"20 plus 07 Lihua international box Exhibition" will not only invite you to the audience of overseas box factories, but also invite a large number of overseas agents to visit. With extensive overseas advertising and good cooperative relationship with the association, the company plans to build a factory in Mianyang, which will bring you buyers and agents with the strongest purchasing power overseas to visit the exhibition

high quality characteristic service

the organizer has always provided high-quality professional services for exhibitors and visitors. Among them, the organizer will spend a lot of money to provide the first 1000 professional color box factories that have pre registered to watch the exhibition with value-added and considerate services of free three-star hotel accommodation for two nights during the exhibition, which is unique in the country

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