Most popular palm shows new smart phones this week

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It is said that palm will display the new smart Pixie

this week. Figure: palm's new smart Pixie

in the morning of September 9 Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, insiders revealed on Tuesday that as part of New York's "Fashion Week" activities, palm will now display the second smart based on WebOS system later this week

webos is the latest intelligent operating system developed by palm. The first intelligent operating system using this system is Palm Pre, which was launched in the U.S. market on June 6 this year. According to the latest news, palm will show its second WebOS based intelligence this week, with the internal code name of "Pixie"

unlike pre, which signed a two-year contract for $199.99, Pixie is mainly aimed at the low-end market and is expected to sell for $99. At present, palm has not confirmed the existence of this model, but sufficient information from Asia and the United States shows that this model has indeed been brewing for a long time

as early as April this year, it was rumored that palm was developing Pixie and also obtained the configuration information of Pixie:

size: 10.6mm × 55mm x111mm

weight: the global cereal soft packaging industry is moving forward slowly. 0.1kg

memory: 4GB

display screen: 2.63 inch touch screen. Although the initial expenditure may be doubled, the rate is 320 × 400

price: the price before the subsidy is $349, and the target price after the subsidy is $99

camera: 2million pixel camera

Bluetooth: support Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0

battery: 1150mAH battery

information: SMS, MMS, built-in IM client by the end of 2017

audio/video: support wav, MP3, AAC, aac+ ringtones and MPEG4, H.264, H.263 video formats

strangely, Palm collides with apple every time it releases a new product. On Wednesday, Apple will hold a media conference, which is expected to show the new iPod player. When the pre smart was released in June, it also met with Apple's new iPhone (I)

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